This last long weekend we spent traveling to visit family and then a wedding and then back home so we spent about 9 hours in a car driving, not a ton of time, but enough to make me become a little bitter about my fellow drivers.

Before I say too much, you need some background first… I’m a fast driver I tend to do 20 to 30 over the posted km/hr (I’m Canadian Eh!) so not a super fast driver but not a law follower either. I’m not aggressive driver, don’t rapidly change lanes, and riding other people’s bumpers isn’t me.

So the start of the weekend Friday about 4:30 my fellow drivers are being safe, not passing in dangerous places or being aggressive. This leg of our trip is through cottage country so some reasonable volume, not horrible, couple of cops around a fairly normal trip. But when we where doing our return from Ottawa to Toronto on the Highway of Hero’s it was totally different. Are these people just done of the weekend and want to be home in 5 minutes? Or maybe they had such a good time, they don’t mind killing themselves (and others) after the weekend not sure? Or is it an example of the culture we live in of “Me first and F#*$ the rest of you? Whatever it is, I observed lots of actions that made me shake my head, here are a couple of the driving observations:

  • What is the safe following distance at 120 km (75 mph approx) ?Anyone? What was it 3 second rule in drivers ed? Well the idiots on the hwy felt about 6 ft or less was good. I couldn’t help but wonder if you had one of those cars with object sensing when you back-up was it going off from a the knob riding your ass.
  • Why do people feel so confident that if they signal and turn into the lane next to them that has 10ft space for a 15ft long car that the other drivers are going to make room for them. Do they just cut the wheel over and see what happens?
  • Why do drivers tailgate, aggressively change lanes, and speed up to the next car to do the same thing over again and again to only pull over at a gas station or restaurant 10 min later.
  • Why do I wish the cops would come along and pull them over, not me I’m only doing 20 km above, but the other guy (but with my luck it would be me that got pulled over ). And where the heck were all the cops on Monday on a major Canadian highway?

Anyways as I’m putting along at my slow speed of 20-30 km above the speed limit and watching these people, I just couldn’t help but wonder is this an example of the lack of care for your fellow humans or example of the me first attitude of today’s society. I think there is something to it…as I never recalled seeing this as bad in the early 90’s  as it was yesterday, and is it possible to draw from this a glimpse of the culture we are creating.

Hope everyone had a safe weekend on the road.