For that reason we need to venture back about three years. I was starting to realize that if I wanted to stay in generally good shape I would need to make an effort to work out. To me being in good shape means being able to do a sport and perform reasonably well when doing it  and not be sore the next day. I’m fortunate to be a person that has never had a weight issue to challenge me and for the most part I eat whatever I want and don’t concern myself with putting on weight. But due to an active life style of ski racing and manual labour when I was younger, I do have some aches and pains, and these pains seem much more manageable if I’m in reasonable physical condition. So I set about looking for a workout program or some guidance that would allow me to workout without spend a fortune in gym memberships or fitness equipment (if you haven’t figured out yet I’m cheap) and be resonable on my time. So after reading several web sites I came across a program from outside magazine that seemed to fit what I was looking for.  I set about working out using this program as a guide, while working out I realized couple of things about myself:

  • I need to have some varity in a workout, using a machine or repeative routine caused me to get bored of it quickly.
  • I need a goal to get me to workout.

So the idea of an adventure race came to me while brain storming for something to be my goal to work out to. What appeals to me about the adventure racing is the combination of activities I enjoy. Most adventure races have a core group of activities and sometimes others depending on the race. The core groups of activities are mountain biking, paddling, orienteering or trail running. All of these I enjoy except trail running which I’m not a fan of but will try to learn to love it.

Now I have had the desire but was concerned about what to expect, cost, equipment, and can I do it. I spent some time looking at different web sites, blogs, and race websites trying to get a feel for this sport and to help address my concerns. I was still on the fence about how to proceed, so I decided this year to attend a clinic offered locally to help get me off the fence and it did what I hoped.  I’m committed to competing next year and it is time to learn some more, so will post my progress and findings here, and maybe help someone else get off the fence. Posts for the future:

  • How to get started
  • Training
  • Gear and cost of adventure racing
  • Skill development
  • Team locating
  • Adventure racing goal

Thanks for reading.