My life long friends are two people. One I have mentioned in a blog before when it was his bday the second is his sister. She is younger then me and I don’t remember a time when those two, and their family, where not part of my life. Long before I can remember their mother used to babysit me when my Mom and Dad where at work. They lived in the same small town  that I grew up in. She pointed out in the blog post linked above that I never mentioned her in my good friend post. So as promise.

Who is she? In a lot of ways she is a mix of family, great friend, bratty girl that used to always be around when me and her brother would be playing. What is her name?  Well because I tend to keep the names of people private, let’s call her…… Luna(can you guess what i’m reading). I was sitting there on my friend’s bday watching these two siblings horsing around in the pool. As I’m looking at them I see on their faces the same expressions they had when we would do this as little kids. It was so funny, I kept waiting to hear a parent yell at them to knock it off ,but the yell never came. I looked at their mother that was floating near by and I saw a mother that has decided let them go at it, like they would listen to her at this point anyway.

It was fun to spend some time with these two since we never get a chance to anymore since it is rare that we are all in the same place at once. Anyways here are a couple pictures of Luna…. that I have stolen from her facebook page.