Some of you have read about an experience I had with poor service from 1-800-Got-Junk  in this post

Shortly after posting that I was contacted by Brian the founder and CEO of the company after he had read my blog post. He asked if I would have time to talk to him about my experience. I gladly accepted the opportunity to express my feelings and maybe prevent this same experience form happening to another customer.  Once we connected and had a chance to talk I explained to Brian that I felt that I hadn’t received the service that was paid for. I had tried to address it with the franchise owner and even placed two calls to the head office, and an email with no response.  Brian explained that they incourage the franchise to address these types of issues, and deal with them in a correct method, and that unfortunately my issue seemed to have not been addressed the way he likes to see them addressed.  

He was very appologetic for my experience and explained the ways they try to ensure exceptional service. Being a small busniess person and entrepreneurial by nature, I found I was impressed by Brian. He….

  • took the time and interest in finding out about my less that satisfactory experience. 
  • took time from his day to personally speak to me and didn’t have someone else deal with it.
  • apologized  for the less then exceptional experience.
  • came to a solution to make up for the bad service I had received.

I don’t think you would see to many CEO’s do this, but that is what I think makes Brian different then the others. He was the guy that started the waste removal service industry that has been copied by others. This goes to show that he hasn’t lost sight of what is important in a service industry…. “SERVICE”

In closing I’m I glad to see a response, sad it took this long to have it addressed, but I’m totally impressed that I got exceptional care from Brian. I hope that maybe my experience will help to ensure that others don’t have similiar problems.

Well  done Brian, keep up the great work growing your company and don’t lose the direction you showed me with your call. I hope you have continued growth and wish you all the best.