We always try to get together once a year. This year’s excuse was an early surprise birthday party for my childhood friend. It is interesting how things have blossomed to have this group of guys that I have lived with during our college years, as single guys looking for good times, to a group of guys with wives and kids and kids on the way, that now make up this little group of life long friends.


I’m the third from the right, and the much thinner of the group, so I say.

It was so fun to get together even though time has passed and life has gotten in the way we still seem to be a group  that get along, and still tease each other like we always have. I got great joy in watching our children play together, swim and carry on. Ooops sorry that is us guys that played, swam and carried on like kids. Needless to say it was a fun day.

One of the guys and his family came back and stayed with us for the night and most of the next day. That was a nice treat and great to be able to spend the extra time with them. Plus our boys got to play together. And my son loved every minute of it, as did I.

Anyways another great weekend in the country.