Yes one of my all time favorite desserts or just any time foods ice cream. Back couple of years ago my bride asked me if we should get an ice cream maker…. hard choice, who would not want yummy ice cream goodness. And the added plus, it didn’t cost us anything we used our air miles, you know the card you hand the cashier collect and never use. Well we used it and could think of a better purchase to make with those points.

Of course some one has to try the ice cream she makes, tough job but someone has to do it. Yesterday she made the all time hit it out of the park ice cream, are you ready “CHEESE CAKE ICE CREAM” take two of my favourite desserts and put them together you can’t miss. She came across this recipe on this is a cool blog if you love food. Okay after revisiting her site, now I must try the ice cream between two graham crackers.


Nice paring with my morning coffee.


And I was right, good thing I did it before my son woke up or I would have to share. It is so nice to have a wife that is an extremely good cook, I can cook and love to cook, but she kicks my but in the kitchen.