This past weekend we had a roller coaster of  highs and lows.

The weekend started on a high, my bride and I decided that we would not do any yard work on Saturday and spend it lounging by the pool since this was the first super hot weekend all summer. In the morning, I took my boy for a haircut, then groceries, and bottle of wine for supper. Once we got home we got on our swim suits and spent a great day in the pool.  On the menu for supper… BBQ mussels, corn, french bread, and a nice bottle of white Fuzion wine. Dinner was great and the pool was a blast. Saturday night we made a calendar for our son to count down the days to our upcoming Walt Disney World trip.

Sunday morning we started our chores we had neglected on Saturday. I was doing some digging in the yard and my bride called me over told me our son’s fish had died. As the parents of a 5 year old you have a choice, replace  it, or tell him. Since this is fish (Snot Rod Spiderman) was the 3rd time replacement from the original in a year(not that our son knew), we decided it would be time to tell him and maybe help him to learn a life lesson, not to mention getting a longer lasting fish.  So we told him and let’s just say he was upset and it brought tears to my eye’s how sad he was and how he was talking about missing him. He has been able to mostly understand what happened and seems to maybe learned a little something about life, but he is still sad.  After supper we told him about our family trip coming up in the next several weeks to Disney and in typical style he seemed to not grasp the concept but as the evening went on he asked more questions. During the day we did about 2 hours of yard work, and headed to the pool and had nice feed of ribs and potato salad.

So it was interesting that the weekend we decided to surprise him with the news of our family trip is the same day his fish dies. Kinda makes things not so exciting. But Monday he was very excited about the fact that it was one day closer the trip.  He and his mother where busy picking the day on the calendar that they where going to be super excited. Think my bride and I are more excited about it…. We are not big Disney fans but this is the second trip there as a family and it makes for a fun trip with a child and lets you be a kid again right along with him.