Couple weekends ago on a rain day, I asked my son if he would like to try and make a movie. The idea was from a Microsoft commercial I seen a year ago but figured it would be right up his alley it was Lego and he loves creative things like this. Well we made an Indiana Jones movie using his Kodak digital camera, this is an old camera we had purchased a few years ago on a vacation when our’s died. Needless to say we hated it and quickly replaced it when we returned home. Anyways, this has become my son’s camera, so the image quality is poor since we forgot the flash for some pics, but it is the concept of doing it with your child I wanted to tell you about. Get some items to make a movie and tell a little story, and have your child move them and take a picture, and then do the same as often as you wish.  Below is the movie,  like I said it isn’t great, but look past that, it is a great  idea for a rainy or quiet day