Okay, a couple of posts ago I had posted about some  companies that had been the worst service this year. But it is only fair that I comment on some great service I have received. When I was thinking about this post this morning and reflecting on my experiences so far this year I noticed that most of the companies that gave me great service are small, local companies, not franchises or big box stores.

Justin Barry Optical: I was impressed. The last time I got glasses there was 12 years ago. Last week he fixed that pair and put legs on a low cost pair from another retailer all for no charge. Needless to say it impressed me in an age when you get charged to put a battery in a watch at a big box store. http://www.bowmanville.com/index.php?option=com_sobi2&sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid=42&sobi2Id=12&Itemid=5

Apple Tree Dental: Okay no one likes going to a dentist but this guy is amazing. Great service nice layout and location. Very un-dentist like office, cool Music no elevator music here. When was the last dentist visit you had that the dentist called you, that same night after treatment, to make sure you were okay? http://durham411.ca/listing/apple_tree_dentistry_49756fb598583.html

All Season Landscaping- They did brick work and a retaining wall  in our yard and as my wife says “they are not brick layers,  they are artists”. That statement is very true they did a great job at a good price, timely service, clean, nice work friendly and professional. http://www.weblocal.ca/all-seasons-gardening-maintenance-ltd-oshawa-on.html

Sure I find exceptions with some large retailers but normally there is just one employee in a store that takes the extra time that makes the difference, either that person has a passion for what he is selling or he has received better training. Example of the is would be Future Shop, this is a store for me that goes on and off my list of good experiences. We have gotten great service and horrible service but the last two purchases we have made there have been very good.

To me I will still purchase from some larger retails but will continue to use more and more local small guys because of the service