Last night I headed into the big bad city to attend a clinic about adventure racing. This summer skills clinic was done by Get Out There Magazine and Salomon  the host site was the Salomon Store in the Shops at Don Mills. Marissa of get out there did a great job of bringing Heather Korol, Sean Roper, Pete Cameron and Chris Owen Halper together to give the new to adventure racing a overview of what to expect in your first race.

It was a small group of people with a demographic that was probably mid 30s to mid 40s,  there were a few exceptions, but that was the bulk of the attendees. Heather and the group covered:

  • An overview of the types of races
  • Format of races
  • Choosing a team
  • Gear
  • Training
  • Planning: race week and race day
  • Navigation

It was an extremely informative evening, seeing some of the equipment, touching it and discussing what to look for in gear.  This evening accomplished what I had hoped it would. Over the last year and a half I have been thinking of attempting an adventure race, but have always struggled with:

  • Being fiit enough to do it
  • How much gear do I need (is my gear good enough)?
  • What to expect
  • Solo or a team race
  • Is the effort worth the reward?
  • and lots of other things

Heather’s talk last night did a great job of answering most, if not all of my concerns. Plus hearing Heather, Pete and Sean’s experiences and accomplishments did for me what I wanted from the evening. So now the question is… what race to try? Ontario has several that look interesting here are some links to the events: (also check out the Get Out There events calender for others

So if you have a chance to attend one of these events please do, it was a great, and helped in answering a lot of my question and concerns. There are two other events being done by Get Out There so check them out and maybe you will enjoy them also.

Time to figure how to adventure race on a shoe string budget…… (maybe a future blog post).