Okay I’m tired of getting shitty service from companies that I have purchased goods or services from. My wife and I are pretty easy going consumers but this year we have seen and experienced some of the worst service in our consumer lives.

This year we have been blessed with poor service from:

1-800-Got-Junk: This is a company that started off the receiving of shitty service. They were hired to do a job, the amount of work was shown to the employees, they quoted the work, and then proceeded to do only  2/3 of the service quoted and refused to do more. I complained to owner of the franchise, BBB, their head office, all with no results or reply.

Weedman: As you might have read I posted twice about them, this has been a battle since June it is now Aug and still is going on. They seem to have forgotten they are in a service industry.

Lowes: This is the newest of the shitty service we are receiving from a company. This isn’t a case of a one time offence, this is a case of multiply occasions of shitty service. The most recent had to do with a 100.00 gift card rebate that I was to receive after spending 1000.00 with them. This rebate has been 13 weeks in processing, they advertise 6 weeks, when I called them 3 weeks ago to find out where it was they said it will be mailed that week (we were hoping to put the rebate towards some new flooring we wanted to put down in our laundry room). I called again yesterday and was informed  that it will be another 2 weeks. I then informed them that that was ridiculous and they said they were going to advise a manager. We shall see what happens.

Think someone needs to create the Shitty Awards, at the end of the year award the company with the worst service an award. Wonder what that should be.. any suggestions?