On Saturday we where doing our normal outside jobs, cutting grass and odd projects, while my bride was cutting grass she noticed a lot of hornet activity around the base of our apple tree. She stopped the tractor and went to investigate. What she found was a steady stream of hornets going into a hole in the ground. We were, of course, concerned that our son would get into them so we placed a board over the hole and with in seconds we could see about 30 hornets trying to get into the hole.

We told our son not to go near it and he listened, but 20 min later Chase decided he would try and snatch them out of the air, he was just jumping up  trying to get them while they stung him, he didn’t run away just stayed there until both my wife and I came running to rescue him. We placed him inside and then back outside on a rope later. He appeared to have gotten stung 3 times and spent the next several hours trying to rub the spots,with his paws, the on grass you name it. My wife felt sorry for him and tried to put Afterbite on him but it looked like it would be easier to put a dress on a pig. He just continued to roll around. His new nick name for the rest of the day was Sting.

Okay so later that day I decide to try a couple of ways to get rid of them:

  1. Water… figured I would use water and drown the buggers, so I put a hose into the hole.This seemed to reduce their numbers some what.
  2. Fake wasp nest to scare them away.
  3. Useless wasp trap that caught one house fly.
  4. I placed some dirt over the opening of the hole and left it for the evening

This moring there were still some hanging around, my wife did a Wikipidea http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hornet 

so we have learned a bit more about them, and trying to learn the best way of getting rid of them permanently. This afternoon we noticed they are still hanging around so I added more dirt and covered another entry point, which I had just found, and like the last time there must have been 30 of them flying around. Currently they are still there but hopefully this is the last of them. Below is a picture of the little buggers and Sting the hornet fighting dog.