Last weekend was a long weekend and I took an extra day to spend with my family. As you have seen I did some local stuff and we spent time togther around the pool and playing Lego with my son.

For a while now he has been getting himself dressed in the morning before he comes out of his room, but this weekend I was getting great joy out of seeing what he would choose to wear each day. I always find it interesting what common combinations of clothing he finds interesting and that at 5 he has developed his favorites. So today back at work I had to IM my wife to find out what he was wearing, today it was his favourite hot rod shirt and red shorts.

Just an interesting little thing in this journey they call parenting that I look forward to just though I would share.

By the way his other two favourite shirts are red and both are about Canada, already a proud canadian.

My little boy in the roses (and another statue)

My little boy in the roses (and another statue)

Example of his Canadian Olympic Tee shirt..