No matter what you call him this little beagle has been a member of our family for 3 years and has stolen his own little piece of our hearts.


  • Age 3
  • Male
  • Chocolate Beagle
  • Pure bred (what we are still figuring out)
  • Favourite activities; sleeping, running like the wind, smelling, barking, and sleeping

We have had another beagle before named Tiny he was a mixed beagle, he was a great dog very smart and a huge part of my wife’s life and my life. We had him as long as we had been dating so when he passed it was a very hard on my wife, and yes I shed many tears for him also. After he passed away our home was missing something we had looked at adopting from but they had rules on their adoption policies and really didn’t want to adopt out dogs to people with small kids, my son was 2 at this time. So we decided that maybe we are better to get a puppy that will get to know my son and be more used to the type of play a small child likes. This is one of the areas that Tiny wasn’t great at, he didn’t care for children. So needless to say we settled on getting a beagle from “Ray’s Beagles” and I wanted to get a beagle that was different in color from Tiny who was a traditional black and tan.  We settled on a chocolate beagle even though my wife liked a black and tan puppy, I wanted to go with a different color.   I’m reminded very often when Chase has been bad that he was my choice, she liked the black and tan.  When we where doing some research into beagles as a breed we had read about  the beagle’s beautiful voice, this author has a weird spin on beautiful, Chase’s is voice is far from beautiful.

As we knew Chase couldn’t fill in Tiny’s paw prints, he in typical Chase style has made his own, one of them is how totally devoted he is to our son. Chase will pine for hours when he is at school or skiing or just out of the pack. He will let our son do pretty much anything to him and if he dosen’t like it he moves out of the way. Never growls or snarls at him.

Anyways Happy Anniversery Chase! It has been wonderful having you as a member of our family for 3 yrs!

Below are a couple of pictures of Chase and his life so far with us.