We continued our getting local theme today, we packed a picnic and headed to the Bowmanville Zoo http://www.bowmanvillezoo.com/home.html. It is a small local Zoo. My wife and I visited here about 12-13 years ago,  shame on us since it is less then 20 min away. We have returned to show our son what it is like and to see some of our local animal stars, it is better than we remembered it to be. A lot of the zoo animals here are used for TV & movies so they are very well trained and cared for. They have also added a splash pad, and my son, once he warmed up to the idea, was having a blast. After the zoo and ice cream we headed back home to see our own family wild animal Chay. A couple of our favorite animals are below, also my wife was trying out a technique to remove bars when taking pictures that worked pretty cool for the first time.