How many of us feel we need to travel hours to get away and do something? Most of us I think, and I’m as guilty as the next person. With the purchase of our new camera my wife wanted to go out and take pictures some place. We talked about a hike, or driving to couple places I had heard about  an hour or so away. She didn’t want to drive that far and the hike with my son last time didn’t go great, unless you are working on your selective hearing, then it is a good idea. So then the idea of a place Oshawa came to mind called Parkwood, it is a beautiful old mansion and only a short ride away. It has lots of gardens and  paths and is very beautiful. With a 5 year old the idea of all that walking and only seeing flowers…well  I was worried. While doing some research into the place I noticed that there is a self guided tour,  Parkwood knowing the kids would be bored, created  a list of statues and that kids can look for while touring. When we  explained this to him the night before, that it is like Indiana Jones (thanks Lego) and he is exploring and needs to find these lost statues  and take photos of them, well needless to say he was up and dressed early the next morning and wanted to go. So we went and spent the morning wandering around hunting statues and taking pics.  The cost was ZERO! Also have to love that free parking and for a long weekend nobody was there, we basically had the place to ourselves. My son had a great time and we got some good pictures below are a couple of them.