Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I came downstairs and decided to play around with our new camera. We recently purchased a Canon Rebel XSI/450D.  My wife loves this camera and has been learning and working on her ability to use it.  During some photography research we came across a gentleman that takes great pictures and we were reading on the various techniques he uses. One of the pictures he had done was of a water drop, and it was very cool. So I googled to get some instructions on how to do it myself and also got a  youtube video. All of the instructions I read talked about using remote flashes and macro lenses both of which we do not own but I wanted to give it a try anyway.  So I gathered up my supples and gave it a go, two of the images are only cropped and in the other I lightened the drop to see the effect and cropped it.

Only editing is cropped

Only editing is cropped

Only editing is cropping

Only editing is cropping

Drop was highlited and cropped the picture

Drop was highlighted and cropped the picture

 Okay so my high end gear was:

  • Canon XSI/450D, with 50-250 zoom lens
  • Plant starter tray (kind you start seeds in)
  • Zip lock bag for drips
  • Binder with tinfoil laying in front to bounce the camera flash

It is a start I have some other things I want to try.

Okay I spent some time playing in Photoshop this morning here are some changes.