August 2009

Yes I will admit I have a love of pie but there are several reasons I love pie. Let me Count the ways for you:

1. Love the family time picking


 2. Love the family pickers



3. Love that my wife is a kick ass baker


4. Love that my son is in training to be a kick ass baker


5. Love eating pie (sorry no picture I ate all the pie)


6. Okay a little sad the pie is done


Last night after supper we went blueberry picking at a local orchard. My bride, son and I headed out after a nice super for a cool evening of picking. It has been many many years since I last picked blueberries and it was wild blue berries at that time. I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 to 3 ft high bushes that where loaded with berries. My boy was right into picking last night and did half a basket all by himself, didn’t once hear he was bored, like he was when we were strawberry picking. I’m lucky and fortunate to have a wife that can make a kick ass pie so needless to say I’m looking forward to a homemade blueberry pie made with her loving hands.

Some of you have read about an experience I had with poor service from 1-800-Got-Junk  in this post

Shortly after posting that I was contacted by Brian the founder and CEO of the company after he had read my blog post. He asked if I would have time to talk to him about my experience. I gladly accepted the opportunity to express my feelings and maybe prevent this same experience form happening to another customer.  Once we connected and had a chance to talk I explained to Brian that I felt that I hadn’t received the service that was paid for. I had tried to address it with the franchise owner and even placed two calls to the head office, and an email with no response.  Brian explained that they incourage the franchise to address these types of issues, and deal with them in a correct method, and that unfortunately my issue seemed to have not been addressed the way he likes to see them addressed.  

He was very appologetic for my experience and explained the ways they try to ensure exceptional service. Being a small busniess person and entrepreneurial by nature, I found I was impressed by Brian. He….

  • took the time and interest in finding out about my less that satisfactory experience. 
  • took time from his day to personally speak to me and didn’t have someone else deal with it.
  • apologized  for the less then exceptional experience.
  • came to a solution to make up for the bad service I had received.

I don’t think you would see to many CEO’s do this, but that is what I think makes Brian different then the others. He was the guy that started the waste removal service industry that has been copied by others. This goes to show that he hasn’t lost sight of what is important in a service industry…. “SERVICE”

In closing I’m I glad to see a response, sad it took this long to have it addressed, but I’m totally impressed that I got exceptional care from Brian. I hope that maybe my experience will help to ensure that others don’t have similiar problems.

Well  done Brian, keep up the great work growing your company and don’t lose the direction you showed me with your call. I hope you have continued growth and wish you all the best.

We always try to get together once a year. This year’s excuse was an early surprise birthday party for my childhood friend. It is interesting how things have blossomed to have this group of guys that I have lived with during our college years, as single guys looking for good times, to a group of guys with wives and kids and kids on the way, that now make up this little group of life long friends.


I’m the third from the right, and the much thinner of the group, so I say.

It was so fun to get together even though time has passed and life has gotten in the way we still seem to be a group  that get along, and still tease each other like we always have. I got great joy in watching our children play together, swim and carry on. Ooops sorry that is us guys that played, swam and carried on like kids. Needless to say it was a fun day.

One of the guys and his family came back and stayed with us for the night and most of the next day. That was a nice treat and great to be able to spend the extra time with them. Plus our boys got to play together. And my son loved every minute of it, as did I.

Anyways another great weekend in the country.

Yes one of my all time favorite desserts or just any time foods ice cream. Back couple of years ago my bride asked me if we should get an ice cream maker…. hard choice, who would not want yummy ice cream goodness. And the added plus, it didn’t cost us anything we used our air miles, you know the card you hand the cashier collect and never use. Well we used it and could think of a better purchase to make with those points.

Of course some one has to try the ice cream she makes, tough job but someone has to do it. Yesterday she made the all time hit it out of the park ice cream, are you ready “CHEESE CAKE ICE CREAM” take two of my favourite desserts and put them together you can’t miss. She came across this recipe on this is a cool blog if you love food. Okay after revisiting her site, now I must try the ice cream between two graham crackers.


Nice paring with my morning coffee.


And I was right, good thing I did it before my son woke up or I would have to share. It is so nice to have a wife that is an extremely good cook, I can cook and love to cook, but she kicks my but in the kitchen.

Couple weekends ago on a rain day, I asked my son if he would like to try and make a movie. The idea was from a Microsoft commercial I seen a year ago but figured it would be right up his alley it was Lego and he loves creative things like this. Well we made an Indiana Jones movie using his Kodak digital camera, this is an old camera we had purchased a few years ago on a vacation when our’s died. Needless to say we hated it and quickly replaced it when we returned home. Anyways, this has become my son’s camera, so the image quality is poor since we forgot the flash for some pics, but it is the concept of doing it with your child I wanted to tell you about. Get some items to make a movie and tell a little story, and have your child move them and take a picture, and then do the same as often as you wish.  Below is the movie,  like I said it isn’t great, but look past that, it is a great  idea for a rainy or quiet day

This past weekend we had a roller coaster of  highs and lows.

The weekend started on a high, my bride and I decided that we would not do any yard work on Saturday and spend it lounging by the pool since this was the first super hot weekend all summer. In the morning, I took my boy for a haircut, then groceries, and bottle of wine for supper. Once we got home we got on our swim suits and spent a great day in the pool.  On the menu for supper… BBQ mussels, corn, french bread, and a nice bottle of white Fuzion wine. Dinner was great and the pool was a blast. Saturday night we made a calendar for our son to count down the days to our upcoming Walt Disney World trip.

Sunday morning we started our chores we had neglected on Saturday. I was doing some digging in the yard and my bride called me over told me our son’s fish had died. As the parents of a 5 year old you have a choice, replace  it, or tell him. Since this is fish (Snot Rod Spiderman) was the 3rd time replacement from the original in a year(not that our son knew), we decided it would be time to tell him and maybe help him to learn a life lesson, not to mention getting a longer lasting fish.  So we told him and let’s just say he was upset and it brought tears to my eye’s how sad he was and how he was talking about missing him. He has been able to mostly understand what happened and seems to maybe learned a little something about life, but he is still sad.  After supper we told him about our family trip coming up in the next several weeks to Disney and in typical style he seemed to not grasp the concept but as the evening went on he asked more questions. During the day we did about 2 hours of yard work, and headed to the pool and had nice feed of ribs and potato salad.

So it was interesting that the weekend we decided to surprise him with the news of our family trip is the same day his fish dies. Kinda makes things not so exciting. But Monday he was very excited about the fact that it was one day closer the trip.  He and his mother where busy picking the day on the calendar that they where going to be super excited. Think my bride and I are more excited about it…. We are not big Disney fans but this is the second trip there as a family and it makes for a fun trip with a child and lets you be a kid again right along with him.

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