I think most parents always wonder, are they doing a job job raising their children. This is something that I worry about sometimes and I know my wife does too. I’m not convinced that you ever stop having this concern, well maybe when he is 60… no probably not even then.

This weekend we got an positive example that we might be doing ok.  Both me and my wife were very impressed. On Sat we spent most of the day outside working on some projects that needed a little finishing off.  You know the projects that is 95% finished but you just have that little bit left  to do, well we knocked a couple of those off the list. One of  them was to weed our new grass around our pool, the top soil must have come from a vegetable farm since it is full of beets. We decided to hand pulled this area to get rid of them to allow are grass to not have competion for nutrients. Well our 5 yr old son gets on an extra pair of garden gloves and helps us pull weeds for the next 2 hours without being asked. He stops and gets himself a juice box but comes back and starts again. For a 5 year old who can have a short attention span it was neat to see him pitch in like that. Later that day I was treated to another example of this when I was getting water from my rain barrel and mixing some fertilizer for the 36 cedars I planted couple weeks ago, he went got his watering can and help me do the watering, again without being asked.

Okay it is small thing, but can’t help but think we are doing not a bad job as parents…….

Okay back to worrying if we are doing a good job.