Today is my birthday, I’m playing hooky from work, shhhh don’t tell them. I got up at 5:30, went for an hour and 20 min ride on my MTB bike, got a shower and I’m writing this sitting outside by the pool.

With me this morning is my father in law’s coffee pot. It is a Charlescraft perk style coffee maker. It makes good coffee looks like it is from the early 70 when i was born. But it has some sentimental value to my wife and me, My father inlaw or OM (old man) as he liked to be called loved to set it up outside for him and his best friend to sit and tell stories around, and when we would visit he would do the same for me. Some of my fondest memoriesof him is having a coffee with him outside. Rest in peace OM you are an amazing man even in our memories.

Also with me is my favorite jazz music Diana Krall.

Morning off to a great start looking forward to the rest of the day.