Okay a little vent for me. Like a lot of people I’m short on cash but also still have a passion for things that on occasion require the spending of money. My personality and my wife’s personality is to spend some time researching our purchases and looking for a product that will give us the best that we can afford. Best doesn’t mean high end for us,  it is just the best fit for our use, personally,lifestyle and budget, whatever the purchase may be.

My frustration lately has been in my research into a couple of pieces of equipment. The equipment that I have been researching and looking to purchase in the future are: trail running shoes, mountain bike and a tent for my family of 3 for canoe trips. When I research I have several ways I go about this process. Because some of this purchase involves a specific sport,  and the sports are more outdoor in nature I will us sites like http://gearjunkie.com/ or http://outside.away.com/index.html or other magazines to get reviews and options. I will then do a more detailed google search to learn more and narrow my options.  But I always end up getting frustrated that most reviews and advice are focused on high end products. I understand that  high end products have a place in the market and if it was skis or a snowboard I can see spending the money for high end because I’m at the skill level that I can notice and max out their performance. But there are lots of people that purchase high end and they don’t have the skill, and purchase simply for bragging rights, or because of lack of reviews and advice on the proper product for them. 

I had emailed a couple of reviewers and informed them of this fact that why do they not only do the high end but also do a mid range product.  Maybe I will start my own review site an “Average Joe gear review site” instead of a review of the best mountain bike of 2009 (that costs as much as a small car), it could be best mountain bike of 2009 for less then a change or tires… anyways that is what has been aggravating me for the last couple of months. There is a ray of light though from a tent review that Stephen Regenold http://gearjunkie.com/family-camping-tents did on tents, and I like the fact that he gives a range of options.

And incase you are wondering I’m still researching

Okay I feel a little better after that.